Yesterday Cheryl drove my mom back to Marion and plans to spend some time with her dad and our son and his wife. She loves knowing that family is just a short drive away. The risk of leaving me at home unsupervised is great. She knows furniture will be moved and a certain amount of reorganization will take place. It’s part of the deal.

So last night I worked on one of those reorganization projects and came across stacks of old pictures. As I sorted through the Kodak moments, the faces of people flooded my mind with memories of moments shared and questions like, “Where are they now?”

Dr. Seuss was right, “Oh how many feet you meet.”

On Sunday we talked about the people singing Psalm 133 as they gathered for annual festivals. You can imagine the memories and the emotions the song aroused – perhaps  thoughts of people missing. Like the people in this picture with me and Cheryl …

I visited their home almost every Tuesday morning for two years and it was Pearl’s mission to feed me brownies and homemade ice cream each time. Vern loved to talk about the Gideon’s and his jail ministry. Sometimes we would sing as we sat at their table. We loved them so much.

They are with Jesus now. 

One day we’ll sing together again. That’s the One More Thing for this week. The ancient Jews sang Psalm 133 as they gathered for festivals; and we read it occasionally in our churches. 

But one day, we will sing it with all of God’s people. Only it won’t be David looking over the heavenly choir. It will be Jesus himself looking over the people; his heart full; and a smile on his face as He leads us in singing, “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity.” 

I wonder if the writer to the Hebrews had this psalm in mind when he wrote of Jesus, “who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame.” (Hebrews 12:2) I wonder if Jesus sang this psalm to himself as he endured the suffering and shame of bearing our sin? 

I wonder, does Jesus sing this psalm over us now? Shhh … can you hear him?

Think about the joy of heaven; think about the reunion God has planned. And think about how God calls the church to be a glimpse of heaven on earth.


[If you’ve not listened to this weeks message on Psalms:133 and would like to, Click Here.]

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