Sunday School Classes

Starting Sunday December 3rd, we will have the following classes available. We look forward to having you participate with us.

Help for Imperfect Parents

Everybody knows how to raise children, except the people who have them. – P.J. O’Rourke
If you ever felt this way, this new Sunday School class is for you. Pastor Bob and Cheryl are the field guides for this Sunday morning group designed to help navigate the sometimes turbulent waters of parenting. Throughout the course you will learn the importance of your influence, why building covenant friendships matters, and how to use your family values to shape and guide your children.

Beth Moore:  Beloved Disciple:  The Life and Ministry of John.

Every disciple and early follower of Christ left a legacy for future believers. John’s legacy was love. Perhaps like no other disciple, John understood that relationship is the point. Every command of Christ and call to obedience is to enhance relationship and place the recipient in a posture the Giver can bless. This study is about finding our way to the heart of Jesus and reclining so closely that our pulse begins to throb in tandem, loving what He loves and hating what He hates.

**This class uses a workbook study guide as a part of a daily personal Bible study.  Please sign up for this class at the welcome center and indicate whether you wish to purchase a study guide at $15.99.  Brenda will order the study guides.  Checks may be made out to Faith Wesleyan Church.

Foundations of Apologetics features lectures by Ravi Zacharias’ team of apologists.

Become adept at recognizing the many world views influencing our culture and equipped to challenge the assumptions of these world views. It is our prayer you will find the studies foster not only knowledge but also cultivate the skills to communicate that knowledge in a way that is winsome and effective.

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