Sunday School Classes

Constitution Alive! A Citizen’s Guide to the Constitution

Join David Barton and Rick Green, Constitutional experts and advocates for the original intent of our founding documents in this one of a kind course on the meaning and purpose of the Constitution! You’ll go article by article through the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and learn about executive orders, recess appointments, the Electoral College, the powers of Congress and the President, freedom of religion, and much more.

The One Another’s

This group is geared specifically for young adults ages 18-30. In our individualistic society it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that Christians are bonded together in a relationship of unity as members of one another (Romans 12:5). This relationship is so critical that our horizontal relationship with the family of God influences our vertical relationship with the Father. In this life-changing teaching, Tony Evans explores the benefits, blessings and power of living out the “one-another’s” as found in scripture.

12 Evidences of Faith

When you reflect on your week—the decisions you made, your response to each day’s challenges—is there evidence of faith in your life? In this 12-part series, Dr. Michael Youssef digs deep into the epistle of James to highlight 12 Evidences of Faith God wants to establish in our lives.


Storming Heaven (Bold and Desperate Prayers for the Lost)

This class is solely devoted to prayer for the many friends, family member and co-workers that need to hear the gospel message of Jesus. There will be no lessons or bible study only desperate cries to our Father that His Spirit would fill us and equip us with words and boldness and that He will guide us to people that need to be pointed to Christ.

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