Last week I spoke to a fresh initiative we plan to launch yet this summer. I call it “The Reconciliation & Peace Initiative” and here is the first phase of this plan:

Communication is critical to fulfilling our mission of becoming a resourcing and multiplying church. So beginning this month I plan to hold a series of small group meeting, 8-12 people, to share the vision of what we will be celebrating this time next year if we are successful. And how we plan to build the staff we think this requires.

We will utilize existing small groups; Friday Night Friends groups; and Wednesday evenings to accomplish the goal of including every person who calls Faith home. It is my conviction, in these small group settings you will hear my heart and we will break down some barriers to communication. I believe you will be ask and receive answers to any questions you have. I think you may also feel more freedom to offer your comments in a safe environment. At least two board reps will be at each meeting.

It is my ambition to complete these meeting by the time we host our annual Missions Conference in late September.

In the meantime I will work with Ps Ryan, Brenda, and the board to schedule the initial round of meetings with small groups and Wednesday evenings for those not in a small group.

One last item – yesterday was the going away party for Joseph Daffron. Even though he is preaching today, this is not his last Sunday. So you still have time to say farewell and bless him before he transitions to his new role in Blaine, MN. 

He’s trying to talk me out of my snowblower …

So between now and June 30th, if you’d like to bless Jospeh with a love gift you can bring that to the church; drop it in the offering plate; or give a card to him directly. We will make sure he receives the gifts on June 30th when we gather round him, pray over him, and commission him for God’s service.

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Pastor Bob McHenry

Pastor Bob McHenry

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Pastor Bob is a dedicated pastor with a passion to share the love of God with neighbors and around the world. The verse that has guided and shaped his call to ministry is Psalm 16:11, “You will make known to me the path of life. In your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.”

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