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The Reconciliation & Peace Initiative

Last week I spoke to a fresh initiative we plan to launch yet this summer. I call it “The Reconciliation & Peace Initiative” and here is the first phase of this plan:Communication is critical to fulfilling our mission of becoming a resourcing and multiplying...

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Turbulence and Control

Matthew 22:23-27 “We’ve been advised of turbulence ahead.” In other words, fasten your seatbelts it's about to get a little bumpy. Sometimes I wonder if it was like that for the disciples as they followed Jesus. Like the scene, Matthew describes when Jesus is...

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A Morning Warm Up

Genesis 11 “What would be different in the world if everyone spoke the same language? I stumbled upon the question as I made my way through Eugene Peterson’s The Daily Message. Today I read Genesis 10-11 which, of course, covers the period after the great flood...

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Just A Hitch

I learned many local expressions from the folks. One of my favorites was, “I’ve got a hitch in my get-a-long”. I think it applied to a variety of ailments…

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Of Falling Leaves and Going Home

Today is another beautiful day in Indiana. The sun is shining and the tree leaves have begun falling. The ground is being gently covered with the colors of orange, yellow, and brown and I’m reminded of falling leaves and going home.

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Southern Gospel Concert with the Mark Dubbeld Family

Come, bring a friend, and join us Sunday evening, October 21 at 6:30 at Faith Wesleyan Church for a Southern Gospel concert with recording artists, the Mark Dubbeld Family! Their songs will bless you! Check-in on our Facebook page and share with a friend. [button...

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A Pause That Reminds Us

You know how it is – some events seem like they were a lifetime ago. But it has only been 17 years. September 11, 2001 – 9/11 as we refer to it.

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One More Thing: Pertinent

One of my seminary professors, Dr. Ken Schenck, recently suggested that pertinence was a better word than relevance as an essential characteristic for an organization, especially those with distinctly Christian identities. Pertinence, he wrote, is relevance with...

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One More Thing:Psalms 133

Yesterday Cheryl drove my mom back to Marion and plans to spend some time with her dad and our son and his wife. She loves knowing that family is just a short drive away. The risk of leaving me at home unsupervised is great. She knows furniture will be moved and a...

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