The Wednesday Mid-week refuel starts at 6:00 pm We kick off the mid-week service with a selection of heartfelt and moving music led by our worship team. Pastor Steve provides messages and guidance for the evening and we pray over our youth and teens before we break for small group sessions.

Our small group Bible study at Faith Church is a gathering of individuals who come together to study and discuss passages from the Bible. Most of our groups are split by age or education level. For instance, we have groups from elementary to college age, young adults, and several adult groups.

These groups are led by a pastor-appointed facilitator or leader who guides the group through the study and discussion. The group size can vary but typically ranges from 5 to 15 people.

The focus of the study is predetermined and all groups follow the same study guide which covers topics such as a specific book of the Bible, a particular theme or topic, or a particular spiritual discipline. The goal of the study is to deepen participants' understanding and application of the Bible's teachings in their daily lives.

After small group sessions, we return back to the sanctuary for a wrap-up time where anyone can ask questions about the section discussed in their small group. Pastor Steve Sanchez provides guidance and/or wraps up the session with his viewpoints from that week's focus topic. We wrap up the evening with prayer and dismiss promptly at 8:00 pm.

Mid-Week Refuel and Small Groups