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In the most recent message from Pastor Bob McHenry titled "Crumbs" we look at Matthew 15.

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The Wonder of Prayer

Prayer is at the heart of every christian's life. In this message from Pastor Bob McHenry we look in to Luke 11:1-13 and discuss the wonder of prayer.

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Game Of Thrones

Pastor Bob McHenry shares hard hitting truths about what's wrong with the world today. Join us in this look at Genesis 3 and a sneak peak of a series coming in April.

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In this message from Pastor Bob McHenry we look at Acts chapter 10. We discuss crossing thresholds in life.

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Prayerful And Personal

In the next episode of Pastor Bob McHenry's "Vision & Mission" series, we have this weeks message titled "Prayerful And Personal" which focuses on Philippians 1:3-11.

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Simeon and Anna’s Duet

Pastor Bob McHenry wraps up the "Songs of Advent" series with the focus of this message being in Luke, chapter 2 verses 21-40. If you've missed any of this series, or maybe listen in it's entirety click here to get the full listing.

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Zechariah’s Song of Silence

 This is the second message in the Songs of Advent Series from Pastor Bob McHenry Background Notes for Zechariah 1:67-80  Zechariah’s song is known as the Benedictus which means ‘praise be’  A horn is a symbol of strength and power; symbolizing the power of the...

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Isaiah’s Song of Hope

This is the first in the Series "Songs of Advent" from Pastor Bob McHenry, This message is titled "Isaiah's Song of Hope"Advent is the beginning of the church calendar.This season looks forward to celebrating the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem as well as the second...

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When God Seems Unfair

This message from Pastor Bob McHenry is from the book of Habakkuk chapter 2 and is titled "When God is Unfair". For the revelation awaits an appointed time;     it speaks of the end     and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it;     it[a] will certainly...

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