Thank you for being a member of the Switchers and Camera Crew. Below is helpful information to help you serve more efficiently. If you have any questions at any time please contact Frank Deardurff. Also, if you have a friend that might like to serve please let us know. The buttons below will take you to each section of this training information.

Planning Center Services App

The image the right shows the planning Center Services App. It is available for free in all app stores.

The images below are an example of the services app screens that you should be familiar with to know when you're scheduled and what is going on for the service you are on. This will help you have a better understanding of the service you are serving on for that day.


This screen shows you the days you are schedule. The schedule is usually posted by the first of each month.


This is the "plans" screen. It shows the different sections of that services information. Like order of service, who is on what team, and important times.


This order screen shows who is leading each song, or who is delivering the welcome, prayer, or dismissal message.


The "My Teams" screen shows you who else is serving that weekend.

Camera App

In your phones App Store Look for ATEM Tally. There maybe a small price for the app. On iPhone there is a paid and a free version. Google Play Store I'm unsure but checking for a free version. You will need to be connected to the church WIFI. You will see two settings in the app "Address" which is the IP address and the other is source which you will select Left or Right for the Camera you are working. If you are standing at the entrance to the sanctuary looking at the stage the left camera is on your left and the right camera on your right.

Photo Examples

The following photos show examples of good and bad shots and what to look for when framing up your videos. This is good for both camera operators and switchers to be familiar with. We went to strive to put out a good live stream because many times this is the first impression a new visitor will see before even coming to the church. Your efforts are appreciated to make our live stream the best it can be.


Not a good shot. Pastor Steve is looking at the left side of the screen with a lot of space behind him.


Not a good shot. The singer (Kendra) is looking at the left side of the screen with a lot of space behind her and the guitarist is cut in half.


Decent shot. Pastor Steve is just right of center. If you think about this image visualize a line down the center and then lines in the center of the two spaces on either side of center. If your subject is on any of those lines looking towards the center, you'll have a good shot.


Not a good shot. Pastor Steve is in a good spot in the frame just looking the wrong way.


Bad shot. Nobody is in frame in this shot.


Good shot. While we do like to be tight on the lead singer it is good to get shots as well that show crowd interaction and people on stage showing energy.


Bad Direction, Good Placement. While Pastor Steve is looking at left edge is not good, the placement in the frame is good if he was looking the other direction. Also, this shot is good vertically. His belt line is almost the bottom edge and there is good spacing above his head.


Bad shot. Looking at left frame edge and can't see what Pastor is looking at.


Nice shot. Subject (Mariah) is centered and showing action.


Nice shot. Subject (PS) is centered and showing action. Hands are in frame and mentally your eyes want to follow where he is looking and reaching.


Decent shot. Subject (PS) placement just right of center, showing action, good spacing above. Maybe could be zoomed in a bit more but it's also good to get fuller shots like this from time to time.


Nice shot. Showing multiple singers interacting with the crowd is good. If you do get crowd shots think about does the angle make the crowd look full without many gaps.